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I'm a Kreativ Blogger!

Dat's Me!
Dat's Me!

Hi All. I been slackin' on this lovely award-reward I've received but life happens and death is a real Blog Buzz-kill, so you'll have to forgive me for the delayed post.

Kreativ Blogger - it's a meme that comes with a ribbon!

7 things you might find interesting about me?

1.) I am currently in the process of changing my name. I've always hated it and like the cummulative straws on our legendary camel, it all catalyzed when I read this:

Remember that a man's Name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language. - Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends And Influence People.

I realized that I wanted to live in that camp, and since that time I put in my 'papers' to get rid of it and $137 is all it takes. I should have done it 10 years ago. I hate that old name so much that I'm not sharing it with you. You can keep calling me Squish though, that won't change! And yes, that's my actual nickname in 'real' life.


2.) I don't know what's better, getting caught for sneaking into the 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or realizing that I intimidated the poor kid who asked for my ticket with my bad boy look and devil-may-care attitude. 

Stuff it up yer Hummer

3.) I hate Hummers so much that I instinctively flip the bird to every one I see. I have yet to be yelled at, honked at or beat up for it. Sadly I also have yet to be able to reply, "that's what a talking asshole looks like." And would you look at that. Hummer Division is going out of business. Boo Hoo. This shitty economy's good for something.

4.) You may already know that every Saturday is my night to celebrate bad film - a schlock out with my cock out, if you will: Hecklefest. What you may not know is that we're well into our third year and I haven't missed a single one of the 296 titles we've screened, though of course we've fast-forwarded a few. Is it the movies or the company? It's a perfect fusion of both. In fact, those few times I considered calling in sick with a cold, Hecklefest has cured me of my ailment. It's magic.

Yes that's actually Harper in the background there

5.) I'm proudly Canadian while being intensely Generation X. That means nature and peacekeeping is awesome, but I hate hockey, don't go out of the house in the winter unless it's for huntin' Canada Geese (yum!), and have a raging hate on for my Prime Minister, who for the first time in as long as I remember is more undesirable than the American President, who is creepy glorious and freaks me out a little knowing how much he's actually getting done for people. It's like North America has turned into a political Bizzaro-world.

6.) Tragedy is my favourite filmic Theme/Genre. I horrified a first date by taking her to Dancer In The Dark (her choice but I'd seen it before and told her I liked it). She called me "a monster, inhuman". Yes we had 2-3 more dates. So Yes - I AM that glib... or hot... or know how to find crazy bitches who date inhuman monsters.

7.) My favourite most memorable film experience to date is a sold out full house at the Bytowne theater showing The Dark Side of Oz in 2007 - which as you may know is The Wizard of Oz playing in synch with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon album. Unbelievable and highly recommended. If you're ever lucky enough to get that chance, take it. And Holy Jumpin' Look at that The Bytowne is doing it again in April, 2010. EEEEEEE! See you there, Kids!

I must now infect 7 other people I find kreative enough to deserve this award, whose rules are: Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself, put the award on your lapel of a site, and infect 7 other bloggers, link back, serve chilled.

My 7 include - and of course if you're already Kreativ, no need for a re-do:

The Crew over at Eddie Cee Dawg on Cel.

Jeffy Dee at Filmscreed!

PIPER and pals of the Lazy Eye - and might I add, this apolcayptic review stuff he's doing is just awesome.
I've recently discovered Jason Bellamy over in his very own Cooler.

Stacie Ponder is my favourite Final Girl.

Hugo Stiglitz! He makes movies!

And of course, Jeff IgnatiusThe Snob of Culture.

Go Forth and Multiply, Guys!

Oh and of course, thank you Answer Man of Common Sense Movie Reviews for nominating me!


Love the hummer flip off. Glad they're going away.

Wait, you're a Canadian that doesn't like hockey? Then I can't blast you for USA beating Canada in the championship. Oh wait. Nevermind.

Squish. Thanks for the honors and I'm glad you read The Lazy Eye Apocalyptic Theatre Preparation. Sorry it didn't pan out and the world didn't erupt or nothing.

Anyway, I've been tagged previously and I wanted to link to my acceptance.

Thanks again.

Olympic hockey is a liiiitle bit different.

Regular hockey is just always interfering with plans I make with friends they're friggin busy twice a week then 4 times a week during playoffs, it's redonkulous.

And yeahhhh gold means we lost... riiiiight

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