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It All Works Out In The End


After I saw Capitalism: A Love Story, I realized I would not be reviewing it.

Sure it did great at TIFF, and overall it's a fine tale, but it's certainly not Michael's best work. When I saw Sicko, I though, "Great. He's redeemed himself for Fahrenheit 9/11, and he's back in the game." I looked forward to Capitalism: A Love Story, hoping that it would  follow much the same formula as Sicko: fun and telling and a lesson teacher and with moments of jaw dropping left-wing unveiling of scandalous news. Sicko was 123 minutes. Capitalism: A Love Story was 127, but is seemed so much longer. Maybe it's my personal experience with the subject matter. I already know about corporate evil, I know that Wal-Mart takes life insurance policies out on their own employees, and I've seen nearly every doc of Moore's, including "The Awful Truth", so I know the kinds of stunts he's used to pulling. Funnily enough, the 'Barbarians At The Gates' routine that he's been pulling since 1989 has worn off on me. I'd be far more interested in a Sasha Baron Cohen sneak-style where Moore, or his unrecognizable champions, actually get a hold of responsible individuals. The Corporation is my favourite documentary for this very reason. The big scandals they unveil, or the changes being made are captured up close. Names are taken, faces are filmed, and though less 'fun', The Corporation is far more poignant. There's something more rewarding in seeing someone filmed and embarrassed and trying to save face over watching Michael string together YouTube clips into his films and walk into corporate office lobbies, talking to security guards about how he'd like to talk to the CEO.

Carry Me Away!
Carry Me Away!

But all is not lost, Kiddies! The world sometimes sets itself to right rather quickly, and so was a high-expectation-turned-mediocre film followed by a low-expectation-become-high-calibre-entertainment with 2009's Carriers. See, Girlfriend of Squish isn't into High Art or Heavy Drama film. She likes relatively stupid, very new horror and comedy. She expected this from Carriers, and knowing that I wouldn't have to review this, I joined her for this 90 minutes of fun, near-heckle goodness.

Imagine my surprise when I found a story so well written and even filled with occasional moments of visual beauty. It even had a supporting character in Christopher Meloni, whom you may know from "Law & Order: SVU". I know him far better as Chris from HBO's prison drama, "Oz". Carriers is a Post-Apocalyptic film where plague has just recently brought forth the end time. Four people are on the road with their secluded destination a few days away, and treacherous adventure ensues. As we travel with our group, we learn back-story without it being force-fed and we follow them in situations that are handled with truth and reason, if not for The Greater Good. I highly recommend it. It's like a serious Zombieland … but they aren't zombies... really.

So there you have it kiddies, a little interjected double feature. See you again soon.

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