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Team America: World Police (2004) * Weird & Wacky *

Team America sneak around like pros in Cairo.
Team America sneak around like pros in Cairo.

Genre: Action Adventure Comedy

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone (BASEketball)

Directed By: Trey Parker (South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut; Orgazmo)

Overview: The world anti-terrorist group Team America tries to foil a sinister plot, while the Film Actor's Guild uses it's celebrity political power to stop them from acting on the world stage.


The voice acting was superb. If the acting was not just the right kind of melodramatic, it might have tainted the movie's mood, but it was amazing. As for the facial expressions on the marionettes, well they are really well done, just that right mix of vacant puppet with well carved detail.
Rating: 8


You have got to see this for yourself, seriously. A more original concept doesn't really exist out there, now does it? Taking this ridiculous plot and doing it with marionettes is a perfect way of sending it right over the edge. An another thing you wouldn't expect is the really professional panoramic overhead shots of the cities contrasted with the intentional ridiculousness of the combat and sex scenes. Amazing!
Rating: 9


"I'm gonna cut off your balls and stuff 'em in your ass, so that next time you take a Shit...YOU'LL BE SHITTING ALL OVER YOUR BALLS!"

This line and it's delivery made me laugh out loud, alone, for a minute straight. I had to pause the movie, it was too much! This movie is filled with these hilariously childish remarks. The comedy isn't all toilet humour though, and ultimately, the anti-American sentiment is perfectly displayed, especially in the musical numbers and the melodramatic dialogue (Fuck Yeah!).
Rating: 9


The plot is standard fare, with lots of tortured introspection from our main character and some wacky characters thrown in. They try to stop terrorism in the most clichéd flag-waving kind of way, so much so that we all get the deeper meaning all too well. Really, really well done
Rating: 8


The mood was all kitsch and ultra-Americana. Crappy, tacky, often with toilet humour thrown in and unnecessary gore. I loved it, you can't imagine! Throughout, they were aware of the limitations of the marionette genre and they ran with it so instead of curling up your nose at the poor effects, you were laughing at the strings and the laughable walking.
Rating: 8

No really, his acting IS that good!
No really, his acting IS that good!

Overall Rating: 84% (Team America? Fuck Yeah!)

This is one of the memorable ones of the year, definitely. If I'd have know it were this good, I've have rushed to theaters to see it. Oh well. Now I own it, and that'll do fine for me.

See comments for re-viewed review.

| | | |

I'll have you know I wasn't going to see this until I read your review.. ;) I was SO not disappointed.. I still get hot over that sex scene... LOL

Puppet Scat = Cinematic Genius.

So having seen it a second time, what do I have to say about it? FUCK YEAH! This movie is amazing. Seeing it twice enhances the rediculousness of the 'big picture' of this film. I know now that I'll see this over and over. I might even go so far as to say that this may be the first movie to break the 'Viewed 5 times' mark on this website(no promises kids). It's frikken brilliant. George W. must hate Trey Parker. And you know what? Good for Trey.

Third time's a charm indeed. Still find myself laughing outloud at this, and i never realized that the leader of Team America is always rolling back and forth in that chair of him, always with a drink in his hand. Oh, it's funny. Definitely got my money's worth with this purchase. Awesomw movie! AWESOME!

Fourth viewing? Maybe it's starting to lose it's edge for me, but all the more reason to see it with people, and those classic moments like projectile vomit, always a keeper.

Nice review. I've only seen it once, but really should check it again. It's so shocking and takes a while to settle in, but once it does it's memorable and good. Now i've forgotten most of the songs so i really should check it again.

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