1001 Club - Skyfall (2012)

#1152. Skyfall (2012)

#1152. Skyfall (2012)

Why It's In The Book: "Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson pulled out all the stops for the film that marked the fiftieth anniversary of 007. With an Oscar-winnnig director behind the camera, plus a few winners in front of it, Skyfall is a prestige picture passing itself off as a blockbuster. The spextacle remains, but the film boldly delves into previously uncharted emotional territory... Sam Mendes's skillful direction is matched by Roger Deakins's rich cinematography. A silhouetted fight sequence, unfolding against the backdrop of Shanghai's neon-soaked skyline, is one of many memorable moments. And with Daniel Craig firmly in control, this is one franchise that looks set to continue for many years to come." -1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Member Ratings

Jay Cluitt - 9/10
"Exotic animals are back in Bond films! Yay!"

Movie Guy Steve - 9/10
"Skyfall is less a return to form for the James Bond franchise and more a well-designed and coherent redirection of a franchise that needed a shift to stay both relevant and interesting."

Adolytsi - 8/10
"Simultaneously a love letter to the years of Bond gone by and an evolution of the Bond film into a new era of filmmaking, Skyfall succeeds in damn near every possible way."

Sunny D - 8/10
"My wife and I were looking for some semi-mindless popcorn movie fun [...] and we got what we were looking for, with a little extra helping of 'huh, that's interesting' on top of the requisite exotic locales and dramatic explosions."

Nicolas Krizan - 7.5/10
"a nice try to both honor and let go of some heritage"

Chip Lary - 7/10
"The best part of the film, for me, is that we got to learn quite a bit about Bond’s past."

Kim Wilson - 7/10
"Overall, Skyfall was your usual action film. Boom, bang, and pow happened. Things exploded, people got shot and stabbed, and the good guy won."

Overall Rating: 8/10

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