Hecklefest Four-Word Film Reviews! February '12 - Week 1

Don't forget to hover your mouse over the pictures!

Four-Word Film Reviews for the So-Bad-They're-Good films we watched this weekend!

You're more than welcome to participate (or hover over the pics)! If you've seen the films in these pages, add your 4-word review in the comments. 

I've also added the Consensus Section, where our little gang decides if the film we watched was:

Cream Of The Crap
Regular Everyday Good Time or
Just Bloody Awful

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Bar Lion Attracts Patrons

Honkey's Motto: Don't Think - The Happy Cyclops
Blacksploitation Featuring Lion Exploitation - Squish

 Consensus: Regular Everyday Good Time

They Actually Kinda Rock
Sore Semi-Sweede Sucks - ACJ
Featuring Literal Cock Rock - Squish
Consensus: Regular Everyday Good Time


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