1001 Movie Club - Inglourious Basterds (2009)

#1080. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

 #1079. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Why It's In The Book: "Inglorious Basterds is a wholly unnerving masterwork from director Quentin Tarantino. Unique, engaging, and outrageous, it fits within Tarantino's oeuvre while standing out as quite possibly his greatest film. The film is a revisionist history of World War II, containing moments that are genuinely funny as well as those that are cruel and heart-wrenching... two stories culminate in one of the most brutal, fast-paced, and brilliant climaxes ever caught on film. The movie also contains a truly genius, multilingual performance by Christoph Waltz, who plays the cunning, complicated, and sadistic Colonel Hans Landa... Inglorious Basterds, however, is not just a nerve-ending gore-fest; it has a relatively slow buildup, which just makes those scenes full of intense brutality that much more potent. Impeccably directed, the movie invokes so much emotion... hundreds of well-controlled details... make it a work of art that anyone will enjoy." -1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Member Ratings

Alyson - 10/10
"Tarantino makes a movie theater the ultimate weapon to end the war."

Jaime Grijalba - 10/10
"Movies like this you just have to live them, there's no other way to explain it, it is something flawless."

Squish - 10/10
"Nazis are not seen as fumbling idiots as they are in so many films, but as brave, intelligent and noble, as genuine foes to be feared, and their characterization in Inglourious Basterds is done in such a way that makes the Americans the ones in the lurch, fighting against a superior enemy, blunt as they are."

Adolytsi - 9/10
"I personally liked Kill Bill a lot more than this one, and I think [Tarantino]’s done better work, but Inglourious Basterds is an excellently made film that manages to entertain through the running time."

Doug Tilley - 9/10
"Somehow it manages to feel just like a Tarantino film...but with hints of a filmmaker ready to jump to an entire other level."

Klaus Ming - 9/10
"a bizarre and engaging tale which poses the question, would you have assassinated Hitler given the

Michaël Parent - 9/10
"The latest film directed by Quentin Tarantino that matured a long way in his scripts and in his mind clearly can be defined as a true Tarantino. You will find everything he is known for: long monologues, violence, quirky directing, an incredible use of music, and many references to his precedent films."

Movie Guy Steve - 8/10
"I was prepared to dislike this film, but found that I couldn't."

Kurosawa_Lover - 7/10
"Quentin Tarantino sure has a hard on for Revenge, doesn't he? Did somebody kill his mum or something?"

Nicolas Krizan - 7/10
"A hilarious screwball entertainment ride for as long as it lasts!"

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

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