1001 Movie Club - Piano, The (1993)

#867. The Piano (1993)

#867. The Piano (1993)

Why It's In The Book: "...Jane Campion['s] assured and provocative third feature offers yet another lush parable about the perils and paradoxes of female self-expression... Setting out to be politically correct, erotic, and romantic at the same time, The Piano inevitably bites off more than it can possibly chew, but winds up stimulating passionate feelings nonetheless." -1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Member Ratings

Kurosawa_Lover - 10/10
"The Piano was an absolutely incredible film. I admit that going into this film I expected it to be over-hyped. I thought that this film might have garnered more acclaim than it deserved simply because it was directed by a woman, which is so rare (and also because it is a film about someone with a "disability," another favorite of the Oscars). However, now that I have seen the film, I can say that is one of the most deeply layered, passionate and emotionally powerful film watching  experiences I have ever had."

Klaus Ming - 9/10
"Spectacularly photographed, and accompanied by a wonderful musical score, The Piano is an extraordinary and powerful film."

Alyson - 8/10
"I find it fascinating to think about the relationships a mute woman can have."

Nicolas Krizan - 8/10
"This one is haunting on several levels."

Squish - 8/10
"it's just not fair to expect a guy whose Top 5 directors includes Tarantino to get all excited about stuffy 1850s morality Romances revolving around musical instruments that aren't phallic."

Adolytsi - 6/10
"The Piano was a tale of love the likes of which I don’t think I’ve seen before: a love tale without the actual love existing."

Movie Guy Steve - 6/10
"At the very least, the film is an equally opportunity nudity display."

Overall Rating: 7.9/10

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