Pulp Fiction (1994) * Top Pick *


See cause it's like some old pulp magazine, get it?
See cause it's like some old pulp magazine, get it?

Genre: Gangster Crime Drama

Starring: John Travolta (Face/Off; Michael), Samuel L. Jackson (Snakes On A Plane; Shaft)

Directed By: Quentin Tarantino (Grindhouse; Jackie Brown)

Overview: This is the story of a crazy couple of days in the lives of Gangsterdom. Breakfast, Brains, Boxing and Bondage in perfect unison.

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The all star cast is a definite plus. I remember when I first saw this in theaters, saying to myself, "John Travolta is back and in a big way. He is what's IN, and will be for a good long time." Now he's buying 11 million dollar blimps. Uma is Killing Bill, Jackson is a Jedi and Willis is Harrigan in the Sinnest of Cities. Everyone in this is successful. Quentin knows how to pick em, and they know how to act.
Rating: 9


From the cheesiest moments where Uma says, "Don't be a..." And the dotted line square appears, to the hippest Batman twisting Travolta. From the action packed adrenaline shot to the back of Marcellus Wallace's head, it's art. Not the highest of art, but the most artistic of the mundane, a perfect blend of common denominator and twist of innovative.
Rating: 8


My favorite: "This doesn't look anything like the car that came in, that's amazing!" "Let's not start sucking each others dicks just yet, boys."
This is superb. You find yourself repeating line after line of brilliant dialogue, and laughing or 'Ooo'ing at the insinuations (I'm gonna get medieval on his ass). With a hundred lines to walk away with, the highest rating is given because of their staying value. All terrific. Not poetry, but honest wit.
Rating: 10


Tarantino has a thing about twisting the plot into three or four distinct little chunks. Nowhere near erratic as 21 Grams, Tarantino plays his cards when appropriate, splitting up the story in such a way that makes you go, "Uh what happened here?" On top of everything else you're going through, it's a nice touch. Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and this? Don't mess with perfection. As for the actual tale? As if! Three distinct stories, all terribly entertaining and lesson filled. What are you waiting for?
Rating: 9


Ok fine, you all can guess that I love Quentin Tarantino's 'Written and Directed by' films. Well do you know why I love his stuff? He's original, he's innovative and people come out of the movie, TALKING about the movie. Even if they hate it they talk about it, and you see that smile eventually in that "oh it's not all that bad after all" kind of way. Mood is what makes film, I've always said. It's about the look and the feel and how entrenched into the director's universe you get. If you can place yourself there and enjoy the ride, then the director has won. Period. Quentin's Pulp Fiction has one of the best moods in any film, Ever.
Rating: 10

I hear Travolta's next movie's going to be called Observe Who Is In Improbable Discourse As Well.
I hear Travolta's next movie's going to be called Observe Who Is In Improbable Discourse As Well.

Overall Rating: 92% (A Must See Repertoire Film, Worthy of Hours of Discussion)


Do you remember when this came out? How big the hype was, how long the thing was in theaters for? Wow, I do, and was I ever setting myself up for the biggest fall ever, pumping it up so much in my mind. Well it happens sometimes that you have tremendous expectations and you're in love with what you get. I saw this in theaters more than once, and as soon as it came out on Pay-Per-View, I ordered it with a bunch of friends over. Good memories is all I have when I think about this movie, and I still love it more and more every time. I mean it's Pulp Fiction. Do I even have to tell you how good it is? Don't just see it, own it. It's as repertoire as you're going to get. Can you believe I had that same poster as up top on my wall for years? Awesome. Tarantino's best so far.

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Suk my dinky....Pulp craption was the worst of de worst fiction!!! Vince Vaughn was as believable as a pregnant 13 year old cashier in buttfuck nowhereville...yes sir....your groceries will be on time she would say! Fuck me....You could suck a million dicks before her fucking delivery! John was like a hollowed out tree...you knew he used to sit there once...but he wasn't the king of disco anymore! He was a wannabee player dancing to the cream of wheat yessir! What cans I doos for ya sirrr! Type of crap that we all hate! Kisss a little ass and you would be respected....anywho...its closer to my bedtime than it should be.....love all be be true motherfuckers!


I came out of this movie thinking...I could have gotten my dick sucked for less.....why waste my time!

    Tell me......why should I suck my own prick!

Why be anonymous? This is gold...

I assume a 100% film would have to literally be a filming of the hand of god? :-)

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