Hecklefest Four-Word Film Reviews! April '11 - Week 1

Four-Word Film Reviews for the So-Bad-They're-Good films we watched this weekend!

You're more than welcome to participate! If you've seen the films in these pages, add your 4-word review in the comments. 

And holy jumpin, Hex is so obscure there's no posters online at all. Just stupid screenshots of people on bikes in the desert.

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 Silly Hat!
Dude, Your Armour's Crooked - ACJ
Wiry Teacher Davids Goliath - Squish
Barbarians Stole My Tweed - Wendor
Funny Hats For All -

There isn't even posterage
Sexy Squaw Spews Spells‏ - Squish
Awkward Fades, Awesome Rides‏ - ACJ
23 Skidoo, 23 Skidoo!!! - Thehappycyclops
Murder! Featuring: Flowerchild, Owlgirl‏ - ACJ

Ummm.. that poster of Gor is amazing. His silly hat is totally crooked.

Nice feature. 4 word film reviews are fun, and a great way to review the sorts of films that you might not otherwise want to do a full work up on.

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