Squish's Scoring System

Here you will find films by how they rate in my books. To get a full breakdown of exactly how and why I rate films this way, just check out my How It Works page.

Here is the guide for overall scores:

90–100 = An extraordinarily memorable film, displaying all the attributes expected of a classic. Film of this caliber is worthy of being seen by everyone as I feel it would contain universal appeal and not only help define, but lead further innovations of its genre. View reviews

83–89 = An outstanding film of exceptional value. I consider these terrific cinematic experiences, and are definitely important films of their genre. View reviews

70–82 = An average to barely above average film with little distinction except that it is soundly made. In short a straightforward, innocuous movie. View reviews

63–69 = A below average film with noticeable deficiencies, though they may still have an appeal to forgiving fans of its genre. View reviews

50–62 = A film I deem unacceptable. View reviews

10–49 = The worst a film has to offer, deserving of spoiler status. The only saving grace is that the review will be full of scathing comments, and perhaps a few expletives. Some of my best rants can be found here. View reviews

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