Hecklefest Four-Word Film Reviews! February '11 - Week 2

Good day my regular readers. Thanks to Hecklefest and the members therein (Thanks Wendor!), I'm adding four-Word Film Reviews for the So-Bad-They're-Good films we watched this weekend!

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Lookit the sheen on Sheen!
Charlie Sheen Vehicle vehicle - Dr. Squishtopher
Ingram Dies For Nothing - Senor von wormington III
Car Murderer Frames Brother - A.C. Jackson

Bergenger with Balls!
Berenger Versus Black Ghostbuster - Amos Charles J.J. Jerken
School Principal Supplements Pension - Squishalina

Squish, it's funny peculiar that you should bring up "The Wraith." I purchased a copy of it today. There is a review of it on the 80s Movies Rewind if you would like to read it.

Share your link to that review with all of us, Ben!


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