1001 Movies Club - Best of Youth, The (2003)

#1019. The Best of Youth (2003) 

#1019. The Best of Youth (2003)

Why It's In The Book: "A uniquely Italian tale, Marco Tullio Giodana's award-winning epic seamlessly interweaves family drama with that nation's recent history to become a saga of both its characters and the country... Sandro Petraglia and Stefano Rulli's remarkable screenplay ties the Carati brothers, their friends, and their siblings to several key moments in recent Italian history... the 1966 floods that devastated Florence... the Red Brigade terrorist group... the 1980s trials against the Mafia. To its great credit, The best of youth never allows national events to outweigh the domestic drama. Rather, Italian history is told through the prism of family, with happenings both personal and political carrying equal weight. To these characters, a funeral or a wedding is as significant as a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Even dull subjects such as industrial layoffs are compelling here, as Giordana shows the impact on people we have come to know and love." -1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Member Ratings

Darwin - 10/10
"The Best of Youth is like three great movies put together, but with greater cumulative impact."

Siochembio - 9/10
"The biggest compliment I can pay The Best of Youth is the fact that I never intended to watch it in one day.  In spite of myself, though, I couldn't stop watching."

Adolytsi - 8/10
"This is a story on a scope that demands an extensive running time, and for once, it actually felt worth it."

Doug Tilley - 8/10
"While the film touches upon notable periods in Italian culture - the student riots, the 1966 Arno River flood, the red brigades - it's not a travelogue through history like Forrest Gump, but instead a dissection of these familial relationships and the way in which people are pulled apart and brought together."

Klaus Ming - 8/10
"The lengthy running time would be a challenge for most, if it were not for the sumptuous cinematography, and the very fine screenplay which ties the storylines to the sociopolitical history of Italy."

Movie Guy Steve - 8/10
"Even the uplift ending is not truly an ending, but simply another event in life as life goes on."

Squish - 7/10
"a pastoral study of two lives intermingled with Italian history...These historical events help us get rooted in the era these men are living in, and rather than taking away from their personal drama, these events add to the context of their lives."

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

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