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Tripping Stardust Through Fetid Film - Part XIV - Hecklefest Drinking Games

You know, I often use my own site as a reference for myself, and when I started trying to document all the 'established' drinking games we have going, I thought, "hey, other people watch bad movies on purpose too! Why don't I share my love with them?"

Let's make it short and sweet, shall we?

Since we began this weekly event nearly four years ago, several drinking games exist for Hecklefest guests. The established ones are as follows, in alphabetical order:

Goddamn the internet really DOES have everything.
Whenever bare chesticles are exposed, drink! (Level 3 and 4 Boob Alert only)
If you see 'Disney nudity' on screen, a.k.a. someone is taking a shower but you don't see any naughty bits, that doesn't COUNT. If you're drinking then, it's because you're a LUSH.

Boom Mic Booboo
Look, you can sort of see it in the shot there.
Whenever a boom mic is visibly in the shot without it being intentional, drink! As it is important to celebrate when crews miss fundamental fourth wall rules, then find out in post-production, yet are too cheap to reshoot, well that deserves a tip of the glass, for sure.

Silly Hat!
Though technically more in the 'wicked cool' category, our group would still drink
When you see a silly hat, drink! The original drinking game that appeared at Hecklefest first! If I recall, it was Wendy who whipped it up while we were watching some crazy Hong Kong low-budge Kung-Fu period piece where the whole film was rife with frou-frou costumes, and everyone had a different style of gold-gilded headgear. The game next cropped up during a 70s Blaxploitation flick. I think we were wasted by the opening credits of Black Belt Jones. A nice little addendum we came up with is 'when you see that same hat, even if it's on a different person, you don't need to drink again.' That way no one dies.

Ding - Dong - Drink
Hellz yeah, that more than qualfies
My personal favourite, not because I'm drinking but because I love to see dudes gettin' it in the hairy clambags. Simply put, drink whenever a man (or woman for that matter) gets injured in the groin - be it a werewolf getting kicked in the nards, or when Zardoz cultists shoot a dude's sack off. A lovely twist on this old favourite is The Awkward Lungrens a.k.a. "Right in the Brimleys": drink whenever celluloid captures either bare testicles (no thank you, The Punisher (1989)!) or an equally displeasing / awkward crotch shot such as a 7-year old's panties or Wilford's Brimleys (no thank you Ewoks: The Battle for Endor!).

Teleporting Ninjas
Damn that Ninja is ZEN
Whenever a ninja (or group of ninjas) teleports, drink! You have no idea how much this shit comes up.

That Guy!
"Oooh, right, thaaaat guuuuy."
Whenever you see an actor that you recognize, but you can't name him because he's not famous enough, drink... In our group, the rule seems to be "the person who recognizes 'That Guy' is the only one who NEEDS to drink, though others may chose to" but often devolves into me trying to convince the others that 'that guy' is in fact someone they all recognize: "No seriously he's in Robocop, he's... THAT GUY! HIM! There! That guy! Drink damn you! I don't want to drink alooooone! That means I have an addictioooooon!"

And remember, film responsibly, otherwise you may accidentally watch Purple Rain twice in one night.

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Please don't forget my special "that guy" game, the one I do to piss you off..."That guy was totally in Stargate SG-1!" Again, one would be surprised at how much this happens.

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