Dawn Of The Dead (1978) - Every Onscreen Kill Captured!

Hi Kiddies, and welcome to what's certainly going to be one of my own personal favourite pages. For those of you who have not seen the original Dawn Of The Dead, this is just one big spoiler. For the rest of you, here is a celebration of every single one of the 82 onscreen kills that can be found in the 1978 Romero Zombie Classic, Dawn Of The Dead, screen capped by yours truly, for your viewing pleasure.


Kills 1-6
Kills 7-11
Kills 12-17
Kills 18-21
Kills 22-24

 Kills 25-30

kills 31-36

kills count 37-43

kills count 44-50

Kills count 51-56

kills count 57-62

kills count 63-68

Kills count 69-73

Kills count 74-79

Kills count 80-82

You're quite welcome.

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You are absolutely my hero.

Thank you for that!

I love you!

... HOURS!

Dawn of Dead is one of my all time favoirite movies ..i am just amazed with the perfoemences and i really feel that the script is very well coordinated by some higher rating cinemetography..thanks for posting pics of the movie.

Well you are quite welcome.  Thuis weekend I watched The Argento cut aka Zombi - The European version. There's even 4-6 previously unseen kills, though Argento took out the BEST kill of the bunch - the Chopper!

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