Bond-00-7hon Week at The Filmsquish!

For the Blogging Crew
Well hello kiddies and welcome to a week's celebration of all things Bond!
As you can see from my sidebar, I've been busy watching and reviewing everything Bond in order and I'm still going strong. I've already got some submissions from our lovely community so this post will remain at the top of the page, and updated as people include their entries, archives, images and other reviews including perhaps spoof films of the great superspy known as James Bond 007.
Let me begin with my community of bloggers and thank you all for your kind entries.
Jeff Duncanson over at Filmscreed began with posters and check out that comic book cover,
but nothing will beat his impressive image of Ian Fleming.
Then there's Flickhead, who dons a banner for his site featuring one of my alltime favorite Bond flicks
His post of posters inspires him to posit on his yoot', his muddah, and his life in Bond-age.
Check out this fun post here!
Film poster quizman and Bond afficionnado TheAnswerMVP2001 points us towards his extensive list of Bond reviews.
Kevin J. Olson reviews Quantum of Solace over at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies!
And of course there's me and my recent posting of a bittersweet review of Tomorrow Never Dies.
Another post of mine for The World is not Enough. 

And Jeff  prints another great photo-op of an Underrated Bond Babe. Agreed. once she cuts her hair she's downright foxy.

The Answer Gives us another review. This time it's Octopussy!
I shall now be pleased to direct you to my own sidebar for all your spoiler free Bond reviews, but if you just want my favorite reviews I've linked them here:
 And of course my ever-enjoyable Bond stats including personal favorites in the realm of girls gadgets and goons:

Squish's SuperSpyStats

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