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Men Behind The Sun (1988)

Mmm, baby guts sell films, yessiree Bob.
Mmm, baby guts sell films, yesiree Bob.

Genre: War Horror Drama (Honk Kong)

Starring: Hsu Gou, Tie Long Jin

Directed By: Tun Fei Mou (Men Behind the Sun 4)

Overview: Near the end of the Second World War, Japanese troops stationed in Manchuria subjected Chinese and Russian prisoners of war to biological weapons testing. This is the story of Squadron 731, the camp where those horrors took place.

The first surprise that I encountered in my research was seeing that the Horror genre was nicely tacked onto this film by IMDb. Sure, Men Behind The Sun is a look into some pretty horrific events, but it's not the type of Horror that makes you laugh at the scary monsters. This is torture Horror, Japanese on Chinese death experimentation horror... in the way watching Hitler's doctors test on Jews would be Horror. Here's another cautionary tale for you kiddies.

Plot wise, Men Behind the Sun doesn't stray far from the expected formula. A biological warfare camp in the last days of the war are Japan's last hope for victory. They rush through experiments in effective methods of death by doing them on human captives. What sets the film apart from merely a series of exploitation-style gory death after death is the children and their subplot. Part of the camp's personnel are young recruits, teens really, who are there to learn the ways of biological warfare. Clearly the intent of their superiors is to harden them for the task ahead, all while adding an element of psychological horror for the viewer.

But I've been saving the best for last! What a wonderful array of death the viewer is subjected to! Decompression chambers, gassings, bombings while crucified and hypothermia tests, but that's just on the humans. The scene that really got people in an outrage had a cat thrown into a rat-filled room to be eaten alive. It's ok kids, the cute white, terrified cat wasn't killed, but the rats were immolated later, I'm sorry to say, in a tremendously beautiful shot. Let's hope at least they did it in one take.

A small rat can beat a cat. Fleas and germs can defeat bombers and guns. This is... the basic theory behind Squadron 731. It is also my philosophy. - Dr. Shiro Ishii


Performance: 8 Cinematography: 8 Script: 8 Plot: 8 Mood: 8

Overall Rating: 80% (At Least A Couple Guys For Sure)

Again the question: What is the problem with this film? What makes it infamous? Firstly, the use of stock footage of an actual child's autopsy adds an element of the queasy to certain stomachs, then there's the plain old fact that sensational gore is the primary attractor to this fare, regardless of the occasional moments of High Drama.

Three sequels have been made for this film. Part 2 and 3 were directed by Godfrey Ho, director of such poignant and history-documenting sinema as Robo-Kickboxer, Ninja Thunderbolt and Ninja Versus Zombie. Clearly a cash grab on something far more serious, and probably the most deplorable and gratuitous thing this film has to offer.

Not sure you agree? How's this for a title: Shindler's List 3: Look Out For That Moustache!

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