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Godzilla's Revenge (1969) * Worst Hit *

"I made this poster. I have a marketing degree."
"I made this poster. I have a marketing degree."

Genre: Family Action Sci-Fi (Japan)

Starring: Tomonori Yazaki, Eisei Amamoto (King Kong Strikes AgainRed Lion)

Directed By: Ishirô Honda (Terror of MechagodzillaDagora, the Space Monster)

Overview: A lonely, routinely bullied boy dreams of Monster Island, a place with gigantic monsters, including Godzilla and his son, Minilla roam and defeat their foes all the live long day. On this imaginary island the young boy makes friends and learns to bolster his bravery against real-life foes.

The tenth movie in the Godzilla Serial seems to have just plain given up on any frightening nature that the monster held in the ones I've seen before. Also known as All Monsters Attack, this is the tale of a young boy who dreams of being on Monster island where Godzilla lives, and of course he's there in hopes of making friends with the big green dude and his son Minilla (the goofy dorkus below). 

But what should one expect from a film where there's a mini version of Gozilla named... MINI-lla? Kids, Kids, Kids. It's made for kids. If you like watching all sorts of rubber suited dudes walking around thumping each other, well this is the Gojira movie to do it, what with a whole ISLAND of 'em, but don't expect to be terrified, or even mildly bemused, since much of the combat is slow bearhugging. 

As for the plot's development, on the one side there's Godzilla, going around smashing skulls in a young boy's imagination. In the meantime, in reality, the boy is nothing more than a pathetic little twerp without a backbone and not only is he neglected by friends, but by his own mother, who would rather work late nights than take care of a 10 year old boy. I'm surprised he hadn't starved to death. Thank God for the inventor who lives next door, who cooks and feeds the boy.

Funny how in Japan this stuff is cute and funny, while in North America, this sort of criminal neglect makes the news.

In the end, there's no doubt that this serial went straight to a new audience and I suppose it's right and proper to aim Godzilla at kids, but I remember the original Star Wars (Episodes 4-6) being for kids when I was a kid. When I saw the new trilogy of Episodes 1-3, which also had kids as the target audience, it had been turned into complete fluff and lacked any of the fear and excitement I had grown to expect.

Wait, I'm being too harsh. Godzilla's Revenge was much better than Jar-jar...

Aye aye aye. Ugly kid, that.
Aye aye aye. Ugly kid, that.

Performance: 6 Cinematography: 7 Script: 5 Plot: 4 Mood: 7

Overall Rating: 58% (It May Repeat On You a Little)

No I didn't like it for cinema, I liked it for mockery. When you take a Japanese film and slap on an English overdub voiced by histrionic people, well that jacks up the play value big time. Godzilla's Revenge is one of those formulaically obvious 'cowed by a bully until made brave' plots, but the nice twist here is that there's kidnappers thrown in (if a little too Home Alone in their delivery). Add that the plot doesn't plod all that slowly, and you've got yourself something to mock with your friends, as long as you got a couple beers in ya.

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i am more of a fan of the Godzilla as a friend series of his film career.

this one, i remember loving as a kid, but as an adult its hard to get through.  and as a child i dont think i understood that he was dreaming, which makes it suck even more sitting through it as an adult. what i do love still is the idea of Monster island, now thats a gold mine of a concept.

favorite godzilla film, Godzilla vs Megalon.  has everything i would want in the Godzilla franchise.


what should one expect from a film where there's a mini version of Gozilla named... MINI-lla? Kids, Kids, Kids. It's made for kids.

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