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King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

Look at the mayhem! Witness the destruction!
Look at the mayhem! Witness the destruction!

Genre: Action Adventure Sci-Fi

Starring: Shoichi Hirose as Kingu Kongu! Haruo Nakajima and Katsumi Tezuka as Gojira!

Directed By: Ishirô Honda (GodzillaGodzilla vs. Mothra)

Overview: Giant Terrifying Ape! Atomic Fire-Breathing Dinausaur! The people of Japan, underfoot amidst their terrifying clash. Who will win, and more importantly, will Japan survive their apocalyptic battle?

Gojira, made by Japan's Toho Studios (film studio of the famous and awesome Akira Kurosawa) was such a success in 1954, that the Americans re-edited it in 1956 under the title Godzilla, King Of The Monsters! and, as we all know, any title with an exclamation point in it is truly worthy entertainment.

So popular was this film, that Toho made a sequel, Godzilla Raids Again (you Americans out there may better recall the title Gigantis the Fire Monster). In the sequel the monster is also 'a Godzilla', implying that this is a race of creature, and thus planting the seed of an endless sustainable Godzilla breeding pool for as many sequels as are required. His first big-ass opponent was Angurius, a dinosaur that lived during the same Prehistoric old school days as Gojira. Since then, most of the 28 franchise films involved Godzilla in an epic battle with some equally gigantic foe.

In 1962, we find Godzilla again awakened from deep inside an iceberg by a nuclear submarine - ever bringing up the threat of nukes, even if purely symbolic - and look where he's headed, his old stomping ground, Tokyo. In the meantime a pharmaceutical company is searching for a mythical monster that lives on Pharaoh island. Wouldja look at that, he just so happens to be named King Kong - who as we all know is a pretty bad dude.

As ever, humanity is stuck in the middle, and Japan's only hope is a.) Potential use of the Atom Bomb on the ginormous lizard, and will only be considered a last result, or b.) pit the newly found King Kong against the venerable Godzilla, and if everything goes well, then the two would destroy each other with minimal collateral damage.

There's a couple problems with this combat scenario however. How do people get King Kong to Japan? The really wicked island-exclusive berries that get people (and Kong) really wasted of course! Lots of red juice combined with lullaby tribal drums and the stoned-out Kong is ready to be shipped in hopes that a soft fluffy monkey can stop an atomic dinosaur.

When their first fight has Kong taking flight with his chest hair all roasted, it's not looking good. Humanity has to consider all its options again as Japan's lizardous menace nears Tokyo, the most populated capital city.

You know though kids, for as much fun as you'd expect it to be, neither Godzilla nor King Kong delivers grand entertainment. Most of the fighting is slow, amidst trees and hills, and for as awesome the miniature tank scenes are with they and the rest of the army bases getting melted by Gojira-breath, overall the film drags on and relies too heavily on completely inferior rear-projection special effects, and what should be the classic battle of two pop culture icons - dare I even go as far as to say U.S.A. versus Japan - would probably be best scene as edited battle clips.

Uh, where's this mayhem and destruction I was promised? Guys?
Uh, where's this mayhem and destruction I was promised? Guys?

Performance: 6 Cinematography: 7 Script: 5 Plot: 5 Mood: 8

Overall Rating: 62% (Gimmick Vs. Time)

The pharmaceutical company subplot is rote, merely bringing about the introduction of Kong and filling time, but there is one terrific part that I must all share with you, and sadly I'm unable to find a viewable version online - the King Kong versus a giant juicy octopus fight. Octo even manages to jump on Kong's head, but sadly it ends with the cute creature getting defeated...

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