Kurosaw-a-Thon November 2007!!!

Hi everybody!

Now that the Akira Kurosawa Blog-a-Thon has ended, I want to thank everyone for participating. I'm more impressed than I expected with The Emperor's oeuvre and he's certainly one of my new favorites.

The Emperor in all his glory
The Emperor in all his glory

My Akira Kurosawa Page is always open - only now it's full of reviews instead of merely titles, laid out for you chronologically. At the bottom of this post you'll find my top 5 rated favorite works of his, so those of you interested in only the cream of the crop, just scroll down, kiddies!

For those of you who missed the deadline but still have a post or two to forward me, I'll be glad to include your link in the Closing Ceremonies section of this post, simply leave a comment or email me, and I'll put up your thoughts post-haste. Thanks for the great time everyone!

Here are all the other contributors to the Blog-A-Thon, in order of appearance:
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
  • I had no idea this existed! Thanks for letting me know about your site Vili Maunula!
  • Inisfree nous parle des derniers films de Kurosawa.
  • Noel Vera, the Critic After Dark, enlightens us on the Hidden masterpiece that is The Idiot.
  • Oggs Kruz, in his Lessons From The School of Inattention, writes on One Wonderful Sunday, and even tosses in a Scandal!

Day 4

Day 5

  • Cinemathematics shares his thought on "In a Grove" the inspiration for Rashomon.
  • Part two of Cinemathematics's exploraiton of the film that kickstared Kurosawa's international fame.
  • Inisfree nous ammene un autre petit suplément, Papillon d'amour. Seriously Guys, check this out it's experimental Rashomon and you don't need to speak French to understand this short film. Scandal!

Day 6

Day 7

Closing Ceremonies
  • My swan song, and The Emperor's, Madadayo
  • Thom Ryan! Film of the Year! How on earth did you get your hands on The Most Beautiful?
Squish's Top Rated
Ran 88%
Of these I would say Yojimbo's my personal favorite. I could watch it over and over.
| | |

Hello ! I'm working on a post about Madadayo, his last one. Hope i can finish it before the 22.

Beautiful idea this tribute to the Emperor.

See you 

I love this idea, I'm looking forward to reading everyone's thoughs.

I will be participated and I'll post Nov 19-22/07 after the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival closes.  

I have been looking forward to this week! Thanks!

I'm in. Kurosawa was the first director who I literally could not get enough of. 

Just to mention my contribution about Stray Dog (1949) one of the best beginnings in all cinema history.

My post about The Most Beautiful (1944) is ready.

Great job, Squish!

I'm especially thankful that this Blog-a-Thon afforded me the opportunity to finally see one of my very favorite pieces from the 48th San Francisco International Film Festival once again: Papillon d'amour. Youtube is no substitute for the big screen but the short still retained a great deal of its beauty.

It inspired me to try to track down Nicolas Provost's other Rashomon-inspired piece, Bataille. I found sample clips here and here, but if anyone can help me find the full version, I'd be very grateful.

I did find the non-Kurosawa-related Pommes d'amour though. Worth a look, especially for Resnais and Bergman fans.

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