Squish's Genre Hierarchy

Focusing more than ever into the study of film, the question of cinematic worth arises more and more. Is great film losing its integrity? Are films worse than in the yesteryear, or are they simply sitting buried under a mire of cheap quick productions? For once, I don't have the answer for you, but for all those of you asking the question, "Is there a hard and fast list I can look at to decide how artsy-fartsy I want to be?" The answer is YES!

Simply put, those of you who like to really challenge yourselves intellectually or go out of your way to find high-art in film, just look at the top of the list. Conversely, if you just want something simple and basic because 'Film' with a capital Eff isn't quite your thing tonight, then start at the bottom. One way or another, there is definitely a scale to the artistic worth of the moving picture, and to say that one is better than another would be... well... true. Yes, each genre has the potential for greatness, because even the worst idea can become a nation's philosophy, the worst men can become the world's rulers, and the stupidest plots can win the most prestigious awards.

So here it is! The Film Hierarchy, from 'Most Artistic' to 'Simplest Formula'. Some of you may disagree with my willy-nilly decision-making. Well to you I say, 'go ahead... leave your comments'. I may just consider them. Hell, I might even take a poll. 

There you have it. For as much as Deep Throat may be the most profitable film ever made in history, no way is it better than a decent Musical, artistically. Go figure I managed to compare Wizard of Oz to Debbie Does Dallas... That's a first. 

More jaded opinions on film as entertainment can be found in the Editorials and Insights section.

Why you gots the porns so low down on the list? I'd at least put it above Romantic Comedy.

I don't think anime/animation can be thought of as a category: it is just a (two) film technique. You can very well have from porn anime (Urotsokidoji, to name the most important) to avant-garde anime (Experimental series LAIN, for example). And I think that, having seen and enjoyed things like Death Note, you already know that. Maybe your list is a bit outdated?

Jose Brox

hahah ask an Animé fan if it doesn't deserve it's own category!

You can also have Avant-Garde Comedy, the genres certainly can sub-genre and 'dual-class' if you will permit me to geek out.


As for 'the list is outdated, given this was the first thing I made... I guess you're probably right!

I can't believe comedy before action/adventure....

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