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Mac And Me (1988) * Favorite Review *

Corporate puppetry never had it so good!
Corporate puppetry never had it so good!

Genre: Family Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi

Starring: Jade Calegory, Christine Ebersole (AmadeusGhost Dad)

Directed By: Stewart Raffill (The Ice PiratesThe Philadelphia Experiment)

Overview: When aliens escape a NASA research facility, one invades the home of a young boy in a wheelchair.

There is a scene in Mac And Me that best captures the entire movie's awkward mood. Our hero, the young wheelchair-bound Eric Cruise ends up losing control of his chair and we find him hurtling headlong towards death by drowning. Well here it is in all its splendour:

If there's one nice thing I have to say about this movie (never call this a film - NEVER) it's that this scene was the most impressive. At this point in the... piece, my patience had not yet run out, the later outburst I was to yell at the screen of "What a directionless piece of vapid TRIPE!" had not yet formed itself and though the product placement orgy had begun, it hadn't yet quite reached 'bukkake crack-whore' status.

Think of the CHILDREN!!!!

Have you ever seen a 10-chair pile up in a wheelchair race? I have, and it's funny. It's funny as Hell, but it's wrong to laugh, and that my friends, that comic 'laugh at the wheelie out of control' scene is the essence of what Mac and Me conveys, moment after unsettling moment. When the movie ended, I was a pile of raw nerves. Let me tell you why...

1.) The Terror that is MAC and his alien race. (capital T. error)
A fourth generation diseased E.T., the MACs are not physically endearing in any way. Sadly I was unable to secure a perfectly haunting image (the one below doesn't do it justice), but imagine a lanky, melanoma-laden Progeria sufferer, then put them in Auschwitz for six months, and you'll begin to grasp the horror we're faced with in this malignant haunting package. The lazy eye and the twitchy movements are a nice top off to it all.

2.) The vacuous plot completely lack of intellect, logic or sensitivity. Family films seem to suffer this the most, it's pathetic.
i.) Starving aliens are saved by Coca Cola - no shit.
ii.) If you have characters who walk into the kitchen and see that there's bushes tied to the kitchen ceiling, the first person you blame should NOT be the kid in a wheelchair, that's just overly cruel. Lord Almighty.

3.) The unadulterated purity of ever-present corporate bullshit.
As I understand, this was the exercise of groups of corporations getting together to try to sell. 'Children's entertainment' was merely a hopeful by-product - as popularity would increase product sales - From Nissan and United Van Lines (packing boxes in every corner) or the constant glorification of Coke and Skittles as happy memory comfort food and life-saving serum. Add McDonald's then ask yourself what possible reasons could help explain America's obesity epidemic. Oh and FYI, MAC doesn't stand for McDonalds, silly! No, of course not! It means Mysterious Alien Creature!

4.) The complete lack of social conscience.
Carbon copy theft of E.T. aside (I'm over being surprised), imagine the America dream realized by Eric's mom as she moves into her new three bedroom home. Amazing what a single mother working as a Sears retail clerk supporting two children can earn!

Is it wrong that I found the most genuine thing of this movie to be that the actor in the wheelchair actually had Spina Bifida?

How anyone could find progeria in a whole Alien race CUTE... I'll never know
How anyone could find progeria in a whole Alien race CUTE... I'll never know

Overall Rating: 50% (Malignant! Attrocious! Caca!)

The legacy this film movie leaves behind is just a little embarrassing, with two Razzie awards: Worst Director - Stewart Raffill and Worst New Star - Ronald McDonald as himself. Sadly they were not able to secure the Worst Screenplay and Worst Picture award as Mac and Me was beat out by Cocktail in both instances.

I suppose the best part of this film movie is that we know better today, and it's nice to look back and gaze at the back of the 80s mirror and see what's wrong, see that we've come along... at least... a little... in some ways.

| | | | | | |

I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it came out in 1988. ( I was eleven). I think i almost died laughing at the part when that kid in the wheelchair went rolling down the hill. I just remember crack ing up out loud. If you have somewhat of a cruel sense of humor, you have to rent this movie just for that part. It's hilarious! Other then
that this movie pretty much bit the dust. Pretty obvious who sponsored this movie. You couldn't go five minutes without seeing somebody eating McDonalds or drinking Coca-Cola. Overall, I recommend this movie to any soccer mom you wants to promote bad haircuts,junk food, and night mares of gangly, demented looking aliens who are obsessed with pucker ing their lips to their kids.

lmfao me too!

I remember seeing this movie in TV, and fortunately I didn't waste my money. The movie s one of the worst movies ever...

The alien looks like a cross among E.T., Yoda, and Elmer Fudd!

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