012 - QUIZ TAHM! 3rd Wave! - Rebus! - Round Four - FINAL ROUND

Hello quiz players! Welcome to Monday!

I'd like to begin by clarifying a couple things before we get to the answers: I'm not out to make friends with my quizzes. The last one was hard, yes, I know. FYI, I don't have a huge team of advisors and focus groups helping me out in deciding what's too hard and what's not. The only reference I gots is me brain, and a very juicy brain it is, if I do say so myself.

Whether you got the following answers or not, I can guarantee that there were indeed some of you readers who got some and/or all correct answers, although there were less responses than in any week previous. What that really means is everyone still has a chance at winning this, even if you didn't guess last week.

In short, good or bad, suggestion or hate-filled, I love your emails, so keep 'em coming!

So, let's give the answers to last week's Rebus quiz:

Titan A.E.+ Star + trick - vger- A

We begin with some cover art for the film Titan A.E. Admittedly, if you didn't get that one, you were basically out of luck. The rest was a whole lot of stuff just meant to confuse, most notable the very difficult card TRICK. The last image was a screenshot from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and combined with the text clue 'vger', an integral plot element in said movie, you have this:

titanae + star + trick - star trek - a = Titanic

I've never seen Titanic, you know that? I know it's a record-breaking entertaining film, but for some reason I simply didn't want to bandwagon that one. I'll see it eventually since it's on the master list but it'll be a while yet, I'm sure.

The second question was even harder. The film title was obscure (even though it's the last but not least of the AFI top 100 films), but if you got just ONE of the picture clues, you could have easily deduced the rest.

Yankee + Doodle+ Dandy

The first image above is a Yankee. The next is a Doodle. The last is a Dandy. Hence, in the above proper order:

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Finally the bonus clue:

[Gold, my friend + uas] +
SANSKRIT?! - ts + afb]

The first proper name was simple. Gold + uas, shuffled about is Douglas. The last name, a little harder, since Sanskrit is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when looking at foreign text. Add up the letters and big, long, obscure name like Fairbanks, might just get lost to the ages. Who the Hell is actor, nay, Film STAR Douglas Fairbanks you ask? He's one of the original action stunt stars of the silent era. He's been a musketeer, Robin Hood, pirate and Persian, but also one of the original founders of the long-running mainstream yet art-house studio United Artists. A little rough, I'll admit. It's all about the brackets!

As you will see...

Faerie and leaves

The rebuses for the final round are MUCH easier, however they are not about Film Titles.

I'm looking for the name of the individual represented in each of these clues, and for a final bonus point, what is it the two people represented have in common?

[+D] + [S] +
[ + E-A]
Our second, somehow related individual is rebussed here:

[Silence! + AS] +

[ + Oi!]

Remember, for a final bonus point what do these two people have in common?

The rules are simple: look at the above clues. What I want from you is three guesses: the two NAMES of these people represented in these rebuses... rebii? and a connection gets you the third point. Hovering your mouse over the picture may or may not reveal a clue... whether it's worthy or not, that's another story...

Submit your answer here

Good Luck! Name those folks!

Quiz day is Monday! You have until the answer is posted the following week to submit your guess. This is the Fourth and FINAL round of FOUR. The winner will be the individual who correctly answers the most questions correctly. Simply put, the highest score wins! Winners will receive their choice of a free movie from my own personal collection!


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