The Film Blog-A-Thon: A Complete History Of Its Origins

Shocking as it may seem, many of you kiddies out there don't know that I'm not the only film review blogger in the sphere. It's true! There are others.

I was lucky to learn about the phenomenon known as the Film Blog-A-Thon early on. These are events where one blogging film critic hosts a topic for discussion, and other film critics join in by writing about said topic. It's a good idea. As Blog-A-Thons are a thing new to this web community, I thought I'd give you a brief, yet complete, history of this film blog phenomenon from its inception through to today and, most importantly, include an official Blog-A-Thon calender page - for the future of our children, so should you notice any missing info, I invite you to contact me... or to use less polite words, correct me.

Firstly, the term Blogathon is used in the interweb to describe an event where someone hosts a marathon for a charitable cause, very much the same way a telethon works.

A Blog-A-Thon however (it's all about the hyphens) is an idea that began in the Film Blog Community. Girish, on January 7th, 2006 made this comment on his site:

Hey wouldn't it be funny if all Showgirls-loving bloggers did their own post about the movie and then synchronized their posts to be released like viruses into the blogosphere at the exact instant in time?

Well, this blossomed into the very successful Showgirls Blog Orgy. Since then, Film Blog-A-Thon events have been plentiful, and except for a very successful Carl Sagan collaboration, the Blog-A-Thon is exclusively a film blog development. We should be proud. The other thing that I find interesting about 'Thons is that even those without websites are invited to submit their articles on the hosts' site. How very community oriented!

Yep... that about covers it!

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Below is a complete list of every Film Blog-A-Thon ever brought to fruition in chronological order:


The first! The original! The Showgirls Blog Orgy made film blog history when it was held by Girish on January 11th, 2006.

Such success inspired Girish to host the CODE UNKNOWN Blog-A-Thon, on February 13th.

From there, The House Next Door hosted the Robert Altman Blog-A-Thon Weekend on March 3rd.

Girish then did the FERRARA-THON in honour of director Abel Ferrara on March 27th.

Tim Lucas then hosted the Roger Corman Blog-A-Thon on April 5th.

Denis Cozzalio teamed up with Flickhead and hosted the Angie Dickinson Blog-A-Thon on April 19th.

The Film Experience Blog cracked out the Michelle Pfeiffer Blog-A-Thon on April 28th.

Quiet Bubble chose to honour Hayao Mayazaki with the Miyazaki Fest on the 12th of May.

Invisible Cinema branched out with a non-film specific Leonard Cohen Blog-A-Thon, held June 25th.

Lana-Thon! (Lana Turner that is) brought to you on June 27th by Self-Styled Siren!

Then a spontaneous Tex Avery Blog-A-Thon was unknowingly begat on July 19th by 24LiesASecond. If Showgirls was the nurtured child, I guess this is the first bastard son...

Girish the popular postmaster whips out, on August 2nd, the Avant-Garde Blog-A-Thon, the first thematic 'Thon (and Squish's first!).

Filmick brought the Terry Gilliam Blog-A-Thon on August 4th.

Sweet Hell On Frisco Bay whipped out his Fritz... Freleng For-All on August 21st.

24LiesASecond declared another unofficial Brian De Palma Blog-A-Thon. Think of the children, Peet!

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule then hosted the Robert Aldrich Blog-A-Thon on October 16th.

Back to the Film Experience for the Vampire Blog-A-Thon. Interesting choice for October 30th, 2006.

Then there was... ME! with The Alfred Hitchcock Blog-A-Thon on November 15th!

Who is Forest J. Ackerman you may ask? Well Flickhead told us in his 'Thon on November 24th.

Video Watch Blog celebrated a director's birthday with the Joe Dante Blog-A-Thon, November 28th.

No More Marriages! turned the loupe back on critics with the Film Criticism Blog-A-Thon - December 1st.

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The first 'Thon of the year was hosted by StinkyLulu with a Best Supporting Actress Blog-A-Thon on January 7th.

Unspoken Cinema kept the ball rolling with a massive Contemplative Cinema Blog-A-Thon on January 8th.

What followed it was the Wild Diner Films' Jim Jarmusch Blog-A-Thon to celebrate Jim's birthday on January 22nd.

Valentine's day (Feb 14th), the Lovesick Blog-A-Thon was held by 100 Films.

Scanners hosted the Contrarianism Blog-A-Thon shortly theafter on February 16th.

February 21st brought us [This Savage Art] with the Sam Peckinpah Blog-A-Thon.

The Billy Wilder Blog-A-Thon graced the web from the comfort of filmscreed's site on March 1st.

Then at Quiet Bubble on March 2nd we saw the arrival of the Krzysztof Kieslowski Blog-A-Thon.

We followed that with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Blog-A-Thon on March 19th at Dr. Mabuse's Kaleido-Scope.

The Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors Blog-A-Thon returned to the old-school 'Thon roots, March 21 at Hell On Frisco Bay.

On March 23rd we saw the 1927 Blog-A-Thon at Goatdogblog!

Then on March 30th there was the Screenwriting Blog-A-Thon at Mystery Man On Film.

Suddenly we were assulted with the April 1st First Annual White Elephant Blog-A-Thon over at Lucid Screening... Sweet.

Naturally this lead to the Trashy Movie Celebration at The Bleeding Tree on April 6th.

On April 8th, The Boob Tubers brought us the Mob-A-Thon.

Then Piper over at Lazy Eye Theater kicked off his John Carpenter Blog-A-Thon on April 9th.

William Shakespeare Blog-A-Thon on April 23? Check! Thanks Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee!

May 16th saw Culture Snob hosting the Misunderstood Blog-A-Thon.

May 25th, Edward Copeland on Film honoured us with his Star Wars 'Thon.

On June 4th, we had the Simpsons Blog-A-Thon at Esoteric Rabbit blog.

June 8th saw Joe's Movie Corner hosting the Ghiblog-a-Thon for Animé director Hayao Miyazaki.

On June 11th The Moviezzz Blog shouted out for Grease 2 in his 'Thon.

June 12th, The Film Experience's Action Heroine Blog-A-Thon held its own.

On June 20th, the Ambitious Failure Blog-a-Thon happened at This Savage Art.

On June 21st, the FilmMusic Blog-A-Thon at Windmills of My Mind was a smashing success.

Le 29 Juin, Inisfree nous a présenté le Blog-A-Thon pour John Ford! In English, Flickhead enlightened us.

July 7th, All About My Movies hosted "The performance that changed your life" Blog-a-Thon.

July 13th, the Friday The 13th Blog-A-Thon was at Final Girl!

July 15th, The Projection Booth did our friends a favour with its Movies I've Borrowed for an Absurdly Long Time 'Thon.

July 24th, Adam Ross of DVD Panache went old school with THE Monster Squad-A-'Thon

August 5th, The Sophmore Critic celebrated the late John Huston's 101st Birthday with a 'Thon.

August 27th, Piper picked a post of Bizzarro-Thon.

August 29th, Movie Morlocks mourned Lee Marvin.

On September 7th, Slapstick never had it so good! Film Year proved it to us!

September 21st, those who needed to know who William Wyler was were taught by Goatdog.

September 24th, Surrealism never had it so good as Buñuel. Flickhead's Thon certainly... tomato...

On October 1st, the Projection Booth gorged itself on a full MONTH of zombies in the 31 Days Of Zombie-Blog-A-Thon!

On October 12th, The Close-Up Blog-A-Thon leered through cyberspace over at The House Next Door.

October 17th, Montgomery Clift Blog-A-Thon was honoured over at The Film Experience Blog.

October 22nd, The Double-Bill Blog-A-Thon packed a double shot of our baby's love at Broken Projector.

November 6th yucked it up with The Comedy Blog-A-Thon at Newcritics.

November 10th, Forward to Yesterday held a Bob Fosse Blog-A-Thon!

November 15th,
The Akira Kurosawathon was right here, hosted by me!

November 19th, QTA hosted the Queer Blog-A-Thon.

December 2nd, The Short Film Blog-A-Thon was Co-Hosted at Only The Cinema and Culture Snob!

And that was history folks!

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