Wings Of Desire (1987)

It's funny cause the angel has an angel on his shoulder, you know, like a conscience... but he IS an angel.. but also he's a statue...and so... doens't HAVE a conscience... it's multi-layered humour.. it's beyond you I guess.

Genre: Fantasy Drama Romance (West Germany, France)

Starring: Bruno Ganz (Downfall • Nosferatu the Vampyre), Solveig Dommartin

Directed By: Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas Buena Vista Social Club)

Overview: In Berlin, the angels take account of the spiritual thoughts of humanity, sometimes wishing for mortality, sometimes wishing for love.


Hitler as an angel, there's a concept! I love when this stuff happens in the microcosm that is film.  I guess it just proves that Hitler's values get you in Heaven... what? He was a teatotalling vegetarian! How can that be bad? 
Rating: 8


The world of angels is a muted black and white, representative of the muted existence that they live.  Their immortality comes at a price.  They can never experience life as a mortal, with all it's colours, it's sensations, it's hates and loves, it's hunger and satisfactions.  We're streaked with moments of colour from time to time, seeing through the eyes of the people they watch.  And shot after shot is gorgeous high art. Nice to look at, yessiree.
Rating: 9


Poetry.  Every line, especially the angels' accounts of the 'spiritual thoughts of humanity' play out like some pored-over verse. It's well written... but constant poetry isn't for everyone... and sadly, 2 hours and 8 minutes of it got tiresome for me.
Rating: 8


The story unfolds in a rather meditative fashion.  We take long moments exploring the lives of angels as they survey and watch over man. Without so much time spent doing this, I would agree that the depth of meaning that this film is known for would have been a lot less poignant.  When the actual story begins, it's well into the second hour of the film.  It's well paced, and mysteries uncover themselves quickly, from the trapeze artist to Peter Falk, who plays himself... you know, the guy who used to be Columbo.  Yeah, weird mix.
Rating: 8


What I found to be a most enjoyable surprise was hearing Nick Cave in a very appropriate scene where the trapeze artist is contemplating her role at the circus.  Then later, a nice big Nick Cave and the Bad Seed poster.  Imagine my surprise when one of the last scenes is actually Nick Cave on stage doing pretty much an entire song.  That my friend, gets points... well not real points... I mean personal points... that won't be added here...
Agh, Nick's a good mood-setter, the film is solid in this regard, and angel 'character' is well thought out, simple and deep at the same time.  Be warned however, this was a little slow, even for me.
Rating: 8

 oh no bull!
You know when you feel wet but it's not raining? Angel loogies.

Overall Rating: 82% (Ethereal Enough)

Sometimes you watch a movie and know it's beautiful, know it's high-art and deep beyond words.  Sometimes you know you're watching poetry unfold, and with a subject like angels, I'm MORE than partial, believe me.

Sometimes all these things happen, letting you know you're watching mastery if not a masterpiece, and it still doesn't do it for you. 

I found it slow... I had to watch it in chunks.

I don't get it either. Maybe it was effin' Columbo. *Shrug*

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I kinda know what you mean. There are sequences in WoD that are amoungst the most beautiful I've ever seen, like the one in the library near the beginning, but there is a lot of stuff that just grings it to a halt, mainly after he actually becomes human and meets his girl. I do probably need to see it again.

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