Se7en (1995)

What sin is humping a tub of margarine? Am I in the clear?

Genre: Crime Mystery Thriller Noir

Starring: Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby; Unleashed), Brad Pitt (Babel; Snatch)

Directed By: David Fincher (The Game; Fight Club)

Overview: A veteran cop and his new partner are on a serial killing case rooted in the seven deadly sins.


The roles are all really well directed. The deliveries are perfect. All the players are well known veteran actors. Sometimes it's good to see a cast full of pros, directed by a pro.
Rating: 8


The images are bleak, suiting the mood perfectly. Darkness and filth seemed prevalent. There was just enough gore to put us there while (as in lust) some scenes left far too much to the imagination. The helicopter shots in the end are great. Of all movies ever made, there is one image from one movie that has permanently etched its way into my mind: a rain-soaked gun barrel pointed down at the viewer, with only the tip in focus, held by an indistinguishable man in a hat and trench coat. I thank Se7en for that shot.
Rating: 9


There is a bit of a two-dimensional feel to the Pitt and Freeman characters. It's as thought the writer took the developing good cop / bad cop idea and combined it with the unpolished veteran and his new rookie partner idea and fused them into a perfect union. Yet it works here, and the dialogue adds to the mood.
Rating: 7


The beginning of the plot, the whole veteran cop on his last assignment paired up with the young spitfire may make you roll your eyes at the cliché, but honestly, it's good. And as for the murders themselves and the plot development, also mindblowing. As for the ending, that is this films' strength... look, it's not as if you don't know this is an amazing movie already. It was the biggest thing goin in '95.
Rating: 9


The mood is the thing. We are immersed into the bleakest city, pouring rain, into the mind of a calculating psychopath. The characters exude the desire to slough off the mire of filth that is this shit-stained world. I like this perspective very much, and this movie never stops reminding up how unlucky we truly are.
Rating: 9

Match the quote: 1.) "What's in the box?" 2.) "...mastrubating in your own feces..." 3.) "Yo biotch, get yo dick out my ass!

Overall Rating: 84% (Dark as Hell)

This is one of my repertoire films. I've seen it several times, and I'll see it several more I'm sure. The only thing I regret is that I hadn't seen it in theaters. If you don't like this, I'm sure you'll prefer your Bambi and your Forrest Gump. A truly memorable film, even if it's not for everyone.

Originally reviewed way back in December 15, 2006

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I agree. This movie was truly frightening and it was when Brad Pitt seemed really fresh and green (just like his character) before Morgan Freeman had played the veteran cop a million other times, and before most of us knew who Kevin Spacey was.

I think part of the reason real-life serial killers are so disturbing is because they are really bland and non-descript. Most of them could really be anybody, they don't seem to have any distinguishing features. So, when it's revealed in the movie that his character is the killer, I think the viewer is kind of like "That's the killer? He doesn't look that scary. But that's when it dawns on you.... The fact that he can blend into the scenery so easily is why he is so scary. You'll never see him coming. Anyways, the fact that Kevin Spacey was mostly unknown at that time adds to that element.

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