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Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003) * Top Pick *

About as hip as you could get without hurting yourself.
About as hip as you could get without hurting yourself... if you're limber.

Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Music Animé (France, Japan)

Music By: Daft Punk

Directed By: Kazuhisa Takenôchi

Overview: This film version of the Daft Punk album Discovery is the story of an evil music exec's kidnapping of an alien band and his plans to transforms them into human superstars.


This Animé's got budget so it's well crafted, whether it's subtle little facial expressions or big mouthed exaggerations. When I looked up the director I was more than surprised to learn he's never done any films, but the production company in charge, Toei Animation, has been around since the 60s, making such little known material as "Voltron", "Transformers", "Sailor Moon" and "Digimon". Say what you will about Animé, but these guys wrote the book, their stuff is prime-time after-school / Saturday morning, and they've been there since the beginning. This is why.
Rating: 9


Those of you who've seen Galaxy Express 999 or "Battle Of The Planets" will get this more than anyone, but anyone who's seen "Astroboy" sort of stuff will recall the outfits and animation style from those early Animé days in the 60s and 70s. The rest of you will just think it's regular cool instead of hyper-awesome cool.
Rating: 9


Remember watching Pink Floyd The Wall? Remember how the story was so perfectly told, that you forgot there was actually no dialogue save what was in the original album? We've got the exact same thing going on here. You've got a musical album with only the occasional added sound effect, yet you almost forget that there's no actual audio narrative to explain the story, because you get it, even down to the Mozart, the Ella Fitzgerald and the spirituality of that blue alien race.
Rating: 9


It's like each side, music and animation, was putting themselves first as most important. The visual tale being told stands alone without the music, and the music is a perfect canvas for the story. Add to that so much action and adventure that simple rote scenes like that first kidnapping is told in such a way that you aren't even sure if it's going to get botched, well that good times. Fantastic ending, touching moments in between, a climax worthy of epic film and if you're into any bit into electronica, well, you got joy, mister.
Rating: 9


The wave of resurgence of 'memorabilia made new' is getting stronger all the time. Being Gen X, I freely admit my television / pop culture victimhood... I review film and TV on a website for God's sake... What I'm getting at is, my generation is digging up its childhood, tapping into our synapses and firing them with recollection. That is what makes this movie so awesome. Comic books made film come close to creating that warm fuzzy feeling, but when I recall how much I loved "Battle Of The Planets" as a child, and see in Interstella 5555 the same outfits, the same animation, and the same feel, it gets my brain off. Add the silent narrative, the cool story and the terrific music and well, you got yourself some crotch-stained pants.
Rating: 9

And it'll just make you want to see "Battle Of The Planets" that much more
And it'll just make you want to see "Battle Of The Planets" that much more

Overall Rating: 90% (Intergalactic!)

So after all that, I hope those of you who've never heard of this are intrigued, those of you who know about it decide to experience it, and those of you slacking to get around to this hurry your asses up. I know I'll see this again, and besides, it's pretty much the perfect thing to have in the background for you multi-taskers out there.

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