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TV Carnage: Casual Fridays * Weird & Wacky * (2002)

Todally Cajs mahn
Todally Cajs mahn

Genre: Comedy Documentary Serial

Starring: Anna Nicole Smith ("The Anna Nicole Show"; Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 90's), Sexophones

Directed By: "Big Pinky" (TV Carnage: When Television Attacks; TV Carnage: A Sore For Sighted Eyes)

Overview: This is a hilarious look into the dark 80s and 90s, a montage of various commercials, hairdos, television and film clichés, all with the creator's running commentary (which is optional, but not to be missed).


"Big Pinky", so named in hopes of protecting his identity from those who might have a vested interest in keeping their material free from piracy, is the sole editor of this collection of garbage.  This is his fourth attempt at such a collection, so he's got his style down. 
Rating: 8


Admittedly, from time to time, there's a quality issue in the footage, but when you tape stuff off 80s and 90s television, you don't expect much in the way of HD. It adds to the mood, in fact.  Either way, be careful because anyone with seizure potential might be blasted by the pastel vibrancy that was the eighties. 
Rating: 7


In the days of William Shakespeare, people spoke more regally.  If you really believe that load of bull, you might want to consider that the only real records the average person has of how people spoke back then was in the flourish of plays as written by The Bard and Lil' Chrissy Marlowe. All that to say that when, 400 years from now, when the meagre survivors of humanity's downfall come out of hiding and start re-educating themselves with Casual Fridays, they'll be speaking Jive in their courts. 
Rating: 7


More like a thematic experience, there is the occasional comedic flashback, like the public access contests, especially the woman who sings a song it seems she wrote herself, entitled "Hairdresser".  It's impossible to describe the pure wickedness because her outfit, her unpolished singing voice and her gitchy dancing is most of the good times. Solid content.
Rating: 8


For all the work that SETI does in bleeping out the signal of humanity into space along with our greetings of peace, friendship, and pictures of how we look to promote good intra-alien first contact and communication, one dude tossing this DVD into space could ruin the whole thing. Imagine a visiting mothership picks up a copy of Casual Fridays as they continue their voyage to our little blue planet. No, Casual Fridays is not sufficient to cause intergalactic war (I'll leave that to Lost And Found Video Night), but it'll sure be enough to make 'em realize the intelligence here could be honed a little more before their first visit. They'd make a uey for sure.
Rating: 9


Overall Rating: 78% (Relax, It's Cool)

This is awesome and super trashy, although it's not detestable by any means, so would that mean it's NOT 'So Bad It's Good'? It's certainly 'So Good It's Good'... I guess what I'm saying is, you won't hate this. The awesome badness isn't sandwiched between genuine suffering badness. It's one big, long, well-edited wicked stink fest. Anyone who would hate this trash is either inhuman or a eunuch - not to offend my vast Philippino eunuch following... or aliens turning their ship right around.

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