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Squish's Guestbook

Thanks for visiting I am your host, Jack "Squish" Lessard. This page is a discussion forum for you to make comments and suggestions. Feel free to let me know what you like, what you hate, what errors you found, who you are and the meaning of life. You can also contact me privately if you're the shy type.

Sweet site! I stumbled upon it while searching for a review of Bloodsuckers. It's such a sweet film, I would've given it an 82 (out of 10...LOLz).

Why don't you review more soft core pornography?...might I recommend "Red Shoe Diaries" Season 1? David Duchovny's soothing voice really knows how to hit that sweet spot! + 10 mood!

Nice.  Just... nice.    

So the site is finally up! And you've already received your first comment by a shithead! Aww...

Europa '51 is just o.k., Stromboli is a better Bergman/Rossellini movie in my opinion.

You're a geek.

But you get points for making me laugh first thing in the morning.

Great looking website, Squish!  I'm also dumbfounded at the sheer number of reviews that you've written.  Well done.

Sweet site Squish! Truly gorgeous pages and I suppose the content is ok too ;) It's now in my favorites. For once I agree with you - Requiem for a Dream belongs up there.

Congrats Buddy.

Well, all of your hard work has paid off, the site looks amazing!  You have a real passion and it shows.  This will be a great distraction from the sometimes very long and very boring afternoons at work! :)

Awesome job Squish!

I took a little vacation but now I'm back!

Dude, I had the hardest time finding your website again. For some reason I thought you went under "squirt" and I had to wade through a lot of porn to find your site (try googling "squirt" and "movies" - I dare you). Not that I'm complaining, really.


Glad to see you're still up and running. I'll be back!

Love the site!

Stumbled upon it today and spent hours reading the reviews, which were fantastic, and quite entertaining to boot.

Don't know about the 1001 movies though.....whoever came up with that list had some serious lapse in judgement at times (at least The 5 Deadly Venoms made the list)

Keep up the good work =)

I love the theme of your site. Period.

I recently found your site and love reading it. I am a huge fan of horror/suspense and the like and, after reading your list of caution films, (many of which I have seen - sick, right?), I have to suggest you see an indie film called Kissed if you haven't already. It's the story of a girl who's into necrophilia. It's not gory, but you find yourself thinking 'what the hell and I DOING watching this' because of the subject matter. I figured since a movie like Leaving Las Vegas was reviewed here, I tell you about Kissed. It really is well done and there's a pretty good twist at the end.

You should add these to your Caution Films list:  Philosophy of a Knife, directed by Andrey Iskanov, and released in the U.S. 8 July, 2008, is -- like Men Behind the Sun -- about Squadron 731, in China during WWII. Just over 4 hours long, it proves to be a difficult view. This is one of those movies my wife won't even stay in the room for, a forced diet of chemistry, blood, degradation, and really, REALLY bad science. It's solidly obsessive and claustrophobic human atrocity on film. And it's got a great soundtrack, too! Also keep an eye out for Andrey Iskanov's Visions of Suffering, another stellar trip to Hell -- literally.

Hei tai yang: Nan Jing da tu sha, directed by Tun Fei Mou (who also did Men Behind the Sun: Squadron 731), was also released as Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre and Men Behind the Sun 4.  IMDb states that it's "an uncompromising portrayal of the war crimes perpetrated by the Japanese Imperial Army upon the Chinese military and civilian population of Nanking during the occupation of the city. Hailed by critics as one of the most disturbing films ever released, Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre' is unflinching in it's depiction of the barbaric cruelty with which the occupying army raped, pillaged and terrorized the defeated populace." Another classic.

Another Asian work (those guys are great!) is Kataude mashin gâru, or The Machine Girl. This one was released in the U.S. on 23 May, 2008. For the sake of cut and paste based on pure laziness, I'll also refer to the entry on IMDb: "Ami is a typical college girl. She's bright, friendly, popular and athletic, with nothing to set her apart from other girls her age other than the fact that she is an orphan, left to care for her younger brother after her father committed suicide after being falsely accused of murder. But while there is tragedy in their past, the siblings' future looks good, except for one thing. Ami's brother has racked up a considerable debt to another boy at school, and that boy just happens to be the heir to a clan of vicious ninja-yakuza. Ami's brother can't pay, violence breaks out and in the course of trying to avenge her brother, Ami is captured by the clan. They torture her and hack her arm right off. Ami escapes, barely alive, and is taken in by the owners of a machine shop who build her a customized, bullet-spewing arm. From that point, the quest for revenge is on in earnest." This one is a bit comedic at times, but it's also so over-the-top when it comes to violence and gore, that it comes very close to creating it's own art form.

The next two titles aren't necessarily notable for excessive blood and gore, but they are so disturbing, they belong at the very least on an adjacent listing. I'm sure you're already familiar with Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, so I won't say much except to add that the last scene was so chilling that I've never been able to forget it -- and on ocassion, I've actually tried.

Vulgar, produced by the guys who gave us Clerks and Dogma, is about a clown who gets gang raped in a hotel room and his quest for revenge. Not gory, but VERY disturbing.

Finally, since William Shakespeare wrote a bit of everything at one time or another, and should therefore be represented on every list, I recommend Titus, released 11 February, 2000. This one's about sloppy revenge -- VERY sloppy revenge.

Hope you enjoy them -- James Carlson

As if 1001 Movies wasn't enough to keep me occupied:
I think the books list might be interesting though I might have to actually get a library card for that one! I don't think I can afford that many books.

Love the blog.

Is there anyway you can show which movies were taken off of the 1001 movies list to make way for the new ones in the current edition? Would be really helpful since I already have the full, current list but not the old one.

Keep up the awesome work over here.


oh that's a great idea! I don't know WHEN certain titles were removed (which specific edition cut them), but just for you I've put an asterix next to those that aren't there... thanks for the tip!

This book is slowly but surely not only making me a Western fan but a Jimmy Stewart fan. Who knew!

Just a suggestion of some movies from the list to watch sooner than later:

Mr Smith Goes to Washington (if you like Capra, you'll like this)

The Thin Man or My Man Godfrey (William Powell!)

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (CREEPY)

Those are all obviously on my list. The Thin Man and Godfrey should be screened within the next couple months and Baby Jane was seen many moons ago - still looking forward.

Have you considered startin a Blog, Kristal?

I've considered it but I don't think I have enough to say to really keep many people interested...

Neither did I when I started 3 years ago!  I'd definitely like to read of your adventures!

I got a new must-see soon for you from the book - 12 Angry Men. I went in not expecting I would like but it is great.

Also, can't understand why they chose Harold Lloyd's Kid Brother over Safety Last!. If you ever get bored you should check it out. I've downloaded a HUGE 7 disc set of his stuff and it's pretty good.

I own 12 Angry Men, I love it, will review it eventually.

I prefer Girl Shy to both those Lloyd films and personally I prefered Kid Brother to Safety Last! - Flollow the link to the Safety Last review up top. You might want to check through my copious Silent Era section for more Lloyd and other great titles (and keep aways).

i've checkin on your movie the anime movies and I have been using your site as a reference to find cool movies...I love adventure movies and it!

Came across your site while searching for the list of the 1,001 movies you must see before you die (I have the book, but wanted the list on a computer). Nice site. I had been using the AFI lists mostly as a reference, but I like the inclusion of non-american films, plus I finished watching all of the AFI Top 100 Greatest films, even the updated list ones. I think I had seen about 410 of the 1001 films from the 2nd edition, so luckily I have a lot to go.

Hey Squish,

I noticed on the "1001" list that you did not have a review for the film "The Wheel (1923)". As my own initial search turned up blank, I wondered if this was the same case for you. I was finally able to find out that the ORIGINAL title was "La Roue" (as it is a French Film). I haven't watched it yet.

Deejon Loy

I finally watched it this week, and I can tell you, yes, it was on the `search`list for quite a while. Abel Gance`s La Roue will actually be getting a review this week.

love the site design but also seeing many in my top 10 highly ranked including The Thing and Blade Runner (the latter of which IS the best movie ever made). However, I had completely missed that those 2 films came out the very same week! Thanks for adding some more useless but adorable trivia to my most beloved films. I'll definitely be back.

BLADERUNNER is NOT the best movie ever made! Rofl! are you new to film?

Hi, thanks a ton for contacting me about 1001 MYMSBYD Club. It was great being part of the club, second guessing the next movie up for review, posting my review and rating, and seeing the Club score for those films. Therefore, I'm very much interested in continuing to being part of this wonderful, and daresay, highly addictive venture.

I too was saddened when the club's host and originator went into a hiatus. In fact he had contacted me, as I'm sure he contacted others as well, and had wanted to know whether I would like to continue to be part of the exclusive club. And my answer was an unequivocal 'yes'.

Anyway, its great that you'd like to take charge of the affairs and ensure that things start from where it had left off. As I said, I absolutely am interested about this club and would very much like it to continue and flourish. Therefore, as for your question, my answer is again an unequivocal 'yes!!!' You may count on full support from my end.

Thanks again for getting in touch and taking this wonderful initiative!

Hey Squish,
Thanks for the update. You can count me in, I'm definitely still interested in continuing on with the 1001 club.

I'm happy to keep with the same format or if you want to make some changes, that's cool too. The main thing is to have a place where we can share and compare our reviews.


Count me in for the 1001 Must See Movies! I loved that Movie Club and was much disapointed that it felt on hiatus! Let's take where we were and discuss about films! Tell me what will be the formula and I'll be on board!


While I might become very, very busy in the coming weeks, I'd me more than happy to contribute while I can. Very fun club!

I found "The Man In Grey (1943)" by downloading 'Perfidia' since the film isn't on DVD. Knowing of your fondness (or lack thereof) for blackface... you're going to REALLY have a love/hate thing for "The Man In Grey". They worst casting I think I've ever seen - a boy with an upper-class English accent wearing blackface... it's painful to watch - and probably explains why the film is unavailable.

The downloaded version had two (2x) language tracks - Spanish, and English.

Seriously, I avoid sites with black backgrounds like the plague 'cos my eyes really hurt after a while but I cannot keep away from this site. I stumbled upon it quite by accident 'cos I had the '1001 book' before but my brother lent it to someone who wouldn't return it. Since I really wanted to get a full list back, I went on the internet. :) Anyway, your reviews are always very informative and entertaining. I'm always going to be here, reading. <3

Hi, I found your site about a month ago and have since been busy reading the reviews. It is an awesome site! Really. I started my own quest to see the 1001 movies a year and a half ago and honestly thought I was the only madman out there who would go ahead and do it. Now I am 75 movies down and have read your reviews almost up to the point where I am and mostly I agree. I am just wondering if there is a place where I can submit my own ratings without actually writing a blog?

I see you missed The blue angel. It is really nice, especially in the German version.

Hi Everyone!! and thanks Webmaster for this excellent and vibrant site!!! :D

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the name of a much-loved epic stop-motion film I used to watch when I was a kid!!!... Although it is REALLY excellent, I've been unable to find anything about it on the internet!!!...  :(

So here goes my description!! ;)

- It is a long feature stop-motion puppetry film, probably from the seventies!... I'd say it's czech, but it could be from elsewhere in eastern europe!!...

- The (awesome) story happens in medieval Russia, both in the Tsar's court and the wild steppes ruled by the Tatars! The hero, a young and brave knight, needs to retrieve three magical objects (a glove that gives great strenght, an invisibility cape, and a crow feather that makes you able to fly) in order to save the beautiful princess (the Tsar's daughter) from the evil Ogre who is, unfortunately, also hunting the objects!! There are also some epic clashes with the Tatars (the badasses of the story :P), as the quest takes place in the steppes!!!

 So that's it... Does it ring anyone a bell??! Thanks so much in advance!!! :D I really do hope someone has a clue lol...

And thanks webmaster for letting me post!! :)

I think it's Svatohor, It was featured on Long Ago and Far AwayYou can watch part 1 here, and continue watching them on YouTube.

Thanks for asking! I'm glad to be of service!


Just wanted to say thanks for the site and the list of 1001 movies, I've gone through and figured that i have seen 333 of them so far. While I have no intention of trying to watch them all it will certainly help find some classics that i've missed. 

I've ordered the book and just waiting on its arrival. I'm curious to see what the criteria is for a movies inclusion, there seems to be some odd choices - removing The Big Lebowski but including The Hangover?!? and while The Kings Speech is wonderful what makes it a must see?

Most recent movie - Singing in the Rain (can't believe i've never seen it before, its a wonderful celebration of movie making.




thought you'd be interested in the 1001 Movies App that's just been released

Hi there Filmbuffs,

Being from Europe (although I live in Canada now since this August), I am very much interested in LOCAL editions of this marvellous 1001 Must See Movies Book, and the exact differences in those editions. As a Dutch native-speaker I know about the Dutch edition and the Dutch and Flemish films included there, while of course chucking the same amount of original ones to maintain the magical 1001 number.

 Are there any individuals or sites out there that have information on all those different editions, I imagine there will be quite a few out there, e.g. Spanish, Scandinavian, French, Italian ??

Hope to hear from someone soon !

Keep watching !


Great Blog and complete, you have the list of 2012 edition, best ragards and continue with hard work I will try my best too. 

Insightful and interesting.  I love the 1001 movies book and I'm really glad I stumbled upon your sight as I was researching to create my own.  This will be a frequent stop for me.

Squish, why do you do this?

 Do you get something out of this site beyond the satisfaction of knowing people read your opinion? Your reviews are swell and match up uncannily with many of my own scores, but I don't know what drive you to keep doing this.


But keep it up! 

I love writing!

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