Where I Get My Movies

Where does your host, Jack "Squish" Lessard find his movies, you ask? Well, besides TMN On Demand or the online ordering systems I use, which is convenient enough but you really never know what you're going to get, I use the Ottawa Public Library from time to time, you can even do it online, great for the early era films.

There's also the films that my friends pass on to me of course. It's nice to have so many who've recently returned from China with brand new collections of titles numbering in the several hundred. This is the primary source of my marathon subjects.

Most importantly, for those of you who just want to go to a videostore, browse around and rent something, I will recommend Invisible Cinema above all other places, conveniently located at 319 Lisgar Street, smack downtown just a few paces off Bank Street. When I discovered that 57 movies from the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book weren't available on DVD, I literally called every videostore in town. One place had one title, one had none, one had two. The Public Library had 10, and Wyatt and Pam over at Invisible Cinema said that they had about twenty of them, and not only that, Wyatt started going on about how good this one was and that if you liked that then you'll love this... He's the kind of shop owner who not only takes pride in his knowledge, but in sharing it with people. With him, you're more than a client, he genuinely wants you to be as consumed by film as he is. These guys know what they're talking about, and want you to get it like they do. I don't know anyone else who organizes their stock with such categories as African-American, Noir, Asian Horror, Sexploitation, and Criterion Collection. And did I mention it's also an Art Gallery? Yeah.

Even if it's not local to you, it's well worth the trip. What a cool place, they're totally hip.


Oh Invisible Cinema. I'm going to miss that place. They have such an amazing selection of rare movies. Me and an X girlfriend used to go all the time and see what crazy crap we could find for a movie night.

PS: Love your blog. :)

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