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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

Can't convince you that this is the last one, huh? Not even a little?
Can't convince you that this is the last one, huh? Not even a little?

Genre: Slasher Horror Serial

Starring: Lar Park-Lincoln, Kevin Spirtas (The Hills Have Eyes Part II)

Directed By: John Carl Buechler (Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College)

Overview: When a psychic girl reawakens Jason Voorhees, his rampage seems unstoppable, unless she who summoned him can send him back whence he came.

Divider Slasher

The girl, her mom, the guy from Weekend at Bernie's, they all do fine, a little hammy, but that's to be expected. The director also did that show "Land of the Lost"! Remember that? Wow! Anyways, the roles were certainly better played; not good, but better.
Rating: 5


The gore is just not there! What's the problem? Couldn't find a machete that squirts blood? Couldn't afford a guy with a hose and a hand pump? Was the union on strike that year? Who knows? Yeah, the camerawork is professional, but I'm disappointed with the blood and latex budget.
Rating: 6


The characters are so much more detestable when they're selfish, you know? I'd say that the hate-the-characters factor is higher in this one than in any other, some people are just cruel! Motivations, explanations, leaps of logic... all well within normal, logical parameters. Finally!
Rating: 6


The stretching of the believability factor keeps beating the last movie every time. They're at a stage now where they just have to top the last film SOMEHOW, and not only by trying to kill him more often, but by having Jason's world as a tougher place too. Rememeber the rule though: if you're a supernaut, there's always going to be an even bigger supernaut who can crush you. Try a girl with powers to kill from a distance! Does she live? That's up to you to find out.
Rating: 6


Jason though, hoo boy, the scariest ever! I mean, he's been underwater, eaten by fishes, clothes all in tatters with this huge chain around his neck... This is more like it. And what a couple of great kills (not nearly enough though). If I ever kill someone, it'll be with a birthday kazoo-horn in the eye too! Yet, the ending sucked, a little cheap, a touch predictable.
Rating: 7

Sexier and sexier from sequel to sequel!
Sexier and sexier from sequel to sequel!

Overall Rating: 60% (The New Blood Is Far More Invigorating)

Almost done the first eight Jasons and you know I think I'm more of a classic guy. The late 80s just gets way out there! Still I think the time that took to make this one was healthy. Jason himself is the coolest killer he's ever been, and the kids are complete morons. And the way they try to kill him, it's pretty original (until that last one).

The characters of this movie made 6 attempts at finally pacifying or killing the assailant. Jason is invincible!!! You go girl!

| | | |

hey squish their was blood it was just cut out a lot was cut out here are the scenes.


  • A shot of Jason carrying a severed head into a room was also cut. Kate's death was trimmed of blood flow.

  • The following scenes were removed from the film in order to get an "R" rating rather than an "X":
    • Jason's face is constantly masked in shadows to avoid shots of his moldy, decomposing face. The complex make-up was made to conform to actor Kane Hodder's face, but was later deleted from nearly the entire movie when the MPAA deemed it "a bit too grisly".
    • Judy's sleeping bag death was cut to absolutely no gore. In the uncut version Jason slams the sleeping bag against the tree repeatedly until the sleeping bag is soaked in blood.
    • Maddy's death, which is offscreen in the wide-release version, but in original prints a scythe is jammed into her neck and bursts from the other side.
    • Ben's death is much grislier. In uncut versions, Jason smashes his head into a mushy pulp and blood pours down his face.
    • Eddie's death was cut. In the original version, we see his head drop to the floor, but in the theatrical version, we only hear it.
    • Russ's head splits open as Jason hits it with an axe. This scene was also cut.
    • Amanda Shepard's death is virtually unseen in the wide release, which only shows her get stabbed from behind for a second and then cuts to Doctor Crew's shocked face. Uncut, she is impaled on the blade, which juts violently from her chest. Jason then lifts her off the ground on it and waits until she finally dies.
    • Dr. Crews was killed with a tree-trimming saw. Originally, Jason tore into his gut, spilling out a fountain of entrails and blood that spurted up into the air.
    • Melissa's death has an ax violently cleaving her face in two, splitting it down the middle in a gruesome close-up that left her eyes still wiggling in their sockets. Jason then tossed her aside, which is all we see in the cut release.
    • Dan's death was also cut. There was a shot of Jason's hand ripping through the front of his body with guts attached.
    • Tina Shepard has a vision of her mother's demise at Jason's hands while driving a car. Buechler originally wanted the vision to be of Jason holding the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees, but Gulf + Western wouldn't allow it.
    • A denouement scene was filmed in which a fisherman in a boat on Crystal Lake hooks a largemouth bass, but as he's reeling it in, Jason rises from the lake and pulls him under. The scene was removed from the final cut, because it was deemed too close to the ending of the original Friday the 13th and Part 3.
    • Michael's death was cut. Originally, Jason rammed the spike all the way through his body, causing blood to spurt out.
    • Tina's vision of Michael getting killed was also more graphic.


Wow thanks for the info.  Just goes to show you that those good old-fashioned Christian censorship values were applied in a low budget horror flick, yet left out for The Exorcist... Thanks Matt!

yes, that's what i hate about censorship, it's always about the damn children. they think x is not marketable. if you can't  use X or NC-17 why do they have the fucking rating in the first place. and paramount always follow the mpaa's rules. no unrated cut ever, unless it's approved by mpaa. sissies.

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