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Good day all, and welcome to Filmsquish.com. I am your host Jack "Squish" Lessard. I live in our nations's capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Though a lovely little town, it's not that big a place and ever *I* sometimes have trouble finding a title ot two.

No, this section is not merely a handy-dandy list for friends and family when considering gifts, it's actually more of a plea in hopes that if you come across any of the films below, or information concerning them, you can help enlighten me. Obscure as recommendations have become there are just some titles I can't find. Perhaps with your help, such frustrating buried titles can find their way to me. It makes things easier when I know that one actually exists somewhere.

Feel free to let me know where these are, or if you have cheap connect to new stuff I absolutely need to have, plug me in. If you have this sitting around somewhere, I'll pay you for it, or if you know where it's playing, I'll take you to it, just please, God, Tell ME!

Journey Into the Night (1921) Murnau, you are a mean person.

The Grand Duke's Finances (1924) - Another Murnau-directed tale, this Drama looks even harder to come by.

Show People (1928) - King Vidor is a silent director worth his salt, and this seems to have rated well. Perhaps it's available on VHS?

City Girl (1930) - Murnau again! Yes I've decided to watch all this director's films, even if they do include the occasional Romance Drama, as this is purported to be.

Le Roman D'Un Tricheur (1936) - The Story of a Cheat looks like an interesting little comedy, though it doesn't look like this frikken' book is going to do anything about helping me find it anytime soon.

La Femme Du Boulanger (1938) - The Baker's Wife looked good for the first five minutes, except the sound was atrocious, my 'Français de France' is crappy and there were no subtitles. Someone find me a version I can read...

The Man In Grey (1943) - I saw this VHS once on eBay for something like $27 plus shipping from England. Fine I like movies, but I'm not an idiot.

Europa '51 (1952) - If you ask me, Ingrid Bergman's films should not be lost to the ages. Someone MUST have something somewhere. Was it so good it was banned? Maaaaybe.

Voyage To Italy (1954) - Maybe it's just Ingrid Bergman's curse unto me.  What have I done to deserve you hating me so?

Akira (1988) - The Original Version! I got this super-cool edition of this movie a few years back. I've seen it something like 10 or more times and I've basically memorized the timing of every awesome line. Imagine my surprise when all the lines were redone, when it was less funny, when it was NOT the film etched into my synapses. Imagine my disappointment. I want the old one, the original one, and my crappy VHS third generation copy just isn't cutting it any more!!! 

Squish's Blu-Ray Wishlist

Yessiree, Squish now has a Blu-Ray player, and yet does not own one single Blu-Ray Title. For those of you interested in getting something that exists in that new delicious format, here's something for y'all to consider. 

A Clockwork Orange (1971) - Videy well, Brothers... Videy well

Akira (1988) - It's out on Blu-Ray, but is it the version I remember?

Hi, Squish -- go to this website: 


From there you can download a DVD quality copy of F.W. Murnau's "Phantom".  You can also order a copy from Amazon.com

 Let me know if you get it!  I'm a little curious myself now....

Most sincerely,  

James Carlson


 P.S. -- I love your site!

I know a site where you can get La Roue and City Girl if you do the torrent thing. I know both are also available in America on dvd and Masters of Cinema in the UK is releasing City Girl on Blu-Ray at some point. It's a pretty good little movie but definitely not my favorite Murnau.

I'm excited because I just bought the 2-disc special edition of Sunrise on ebay for a decent price considering it's an import.

Youv'e got to get in on the torrent thing. You can find LOTS of goodies including Show People, La Roue, City Girl etc. Some of them are custom jobs from tv rips but good quality.

E-mail me if you want me to invite you to the site I get mine from.

I bought my Viaggio to Italy on eBay from an Asia seller and it did not cost me 10 CDN$... 

If you liked Stromboli and Germany Year Zero then you should see Rossellini's masterpiece!

Hola Squish,

 I've found Le Roman d'un Tricheur and La Femme Du Boulanger on torrent sites. I think the latter had no subtitles but I managed to download some elsewhere. 

 And The Man in Grey is on YouTube.

Have fun. 

Are you still looking for the ones on this page that are on the 1,001 Movies list?  Adolytsi and I have had a wiki for more than a year and half that provides people with places to get them:


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