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Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (1922)

Beakey McQuacken is one of the more indimidating personas...
Beakey McQuacken is one of the more indimidating personas...

Genre: Silent Mystery Crime Thriller (Germany)

Starring: Rudolph Klein-Rogge (The Testament of Dr. Mabuse), Aud Egede Nissen

Directed By: Fritz Lang (M; Metropolis)

Overview: This is the tale of the ascent and descent of con-artist, hypnotist and gambling cheat Doctor Mabuse.


The silent film will never (or not so far), have me give a great rating here, because sadly everything is over the top but not in that good Korusawa way. In this one we have a bit of a better display because Lang was in charge, but nothing spectacular.
Rating: 7


There was one scene when I said, "Lang! You film genius." He's innovative, he's an original, I'd put him way up there as a director, and his films are made to shake foundations. Overall though I was not dazzled much, though the ghosts and costumes were pretty neat.
Rating: 7


The script was utterly forgettable. How can I say that? Because I've forgotten it already. Yes, she loves you, fine, yes you're heartless I get it. I don't remember the rest.
Rating: 5


The story really sounded a lot better when reading about it. 4 hours later I'm not impressed at all. This had such a Les Vampires feel to it, in the bad sense. It was too long, and what is it about the early days of film where everyone can hypnotize people? I call bullshit on that automatic skill that makes people drive off cliffs with but a command. Hypnotism is not a 'Deux Ex Machina, Get out of Plot Free' Card!
Rating: 3


The mood was tainted by the hypnotism. The beginning is awesome with real rubes and real reuses, original and versatile, but suddenly as soon as he hits the card table (first hour) the story stays with gambling and pushes the hypno-manipulation. Piss! I will admit at the third hour I decided to fast forward this, as the story was too slow. I don't know what it is about 4 hour silent epics, but they're better in double-time, it seems that the pace is just right...
Rating: 4

"I'm new at this whole haunting thing... does it scare you if I just sit here and fart?"
"I'm new at this whole haunting thing... does it scare you if I just sit here and fart?"

Overall Rating: 52% (Way Too Much Of A Gamble)

WAY TOO LONG. Fritz, why must you taint your reputation! I bet con-artists in the 20s were getting nailed left and right for trying to pull off stunts like they saw in the movies and finding minds aren't WET CLAY. BLAH! Don't see this!

| | | | | | | |

It looks like your pics are from the somewhat-sequel 'Testament Of Dr Mabuse' which is definitely a lot better than the 4hr version. I can't believe I watched it all in one sitting! Not as tedious as Les Vampires but yeah it was close.

Apparently there is another Mabuse movie from 1960. I might have to check that one out just to complete the cycle.

It's too bad the first one was meh because Masters of Cinema in the UK is putting out a pretty rad looking boxset of all three this month.

I thought so too, but the internet is NOT ripe with this films images, God it was bad...

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